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Igor Tyshchenko

Smog in Kyiv. What the city administration did.

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Oleksandra Slobodyan

Private money transfers in the 1st quarter of 2016

In the annual data for 2015 National Bank has revised the amount of money transfers for previous quarters towards an increase. The question arises: whether this view was justified and whether it significantly affected the amount of growth.


Ivan Verbytskyi

How not to die because of smog: Kyiv transport policy must be changed

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How to provide participatory budgeting in law (OFFER)

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How do the grassroots city initiatives interact: preliminary results on 5 cities of Ukraine

Публікація розміщена на Містосайті

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Oleksandra Slobodyan, Andriy Solodko

Overview of the situation wth IDPs in the first half of 2016

Some changes have come to strengthen the social and economic rights of the IDPs