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Tetiana Kolomiiets

How IDPs influenced the housing market? 

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Yegor Stadnyi, Iryna Kogut

Education and science budget 2017: what does the government propose?

The government is trying to set some change points, but in general education budget still does not look balanced. Read more about education budget proposed by the government in our express analysis.


Murals as an embodiment of symbolic authority aimed to change the image of the city 

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University Transparency Ranking 2016

Transparency of information does not guarantee high quality education, but it is necessary for enrollees', students' and teachers' informed choice.

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Igor Tyshchenko

Smog in Kyiv. What the city administration did. 

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Oleksandra Slobodian

REmittances in the 1st quarter of 2016

In 2015 National Bank data the amount of remittances for previous quarters increased as a result of revision. The question arises: whether this revision was justified and whether it significantly affected the amount of growth.